Solidarity with Ukraine

Situation in Ukraine
ISOLS Board Letter

Dear Professor Vyrna and Ukrainian Colleagues, In these difficult hours and days that have shocked us and left us deeply worried for the people in Ukraine, for society’s wellbeing in the region, and for peace in Europe and worldwide, we, the Board of the International Society of Limb Salvage, would like to express our deepest sorrow for the tragic events that are taking place in your country. We share with you and your colleagues in Ukraine the same belief in the basic human right of people to live in a democratic, peaceful society in Europe. The International Society of Limb Salvage would like to express its solidarity and support to the people of Ukraine in this dramatic situation.

We jointly hope that violence and the use of weapons come to an immediate halt so that great suffering is avoided and that negotiations to rebuild peace can start immediately. War is not an acceptable option in the 21st century. We pray for peace in Ukraine.

Panayiotis Papagelopoulos

ISOLS President

Pietro Ruggieri

ISOLS Secretary General