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Primary, revision and tumour endoprosthesis

Implantcast GmbH is a highly specialised and innovative medical technology company. We are based in Buxtehude near Hamburg, Germany and have more than 600 employees.

The company operates in the fields of product development, manufacturing, sterile packaging as well as sales and distribution of primary, revision and tumour endoprosthesis.

Implantcast provides high-quality, dynamic technologies to the orthopaedic surgeon and patients to offer an ideal solution for each individual patient.



The product portfolio of implantcast.com prises the fields of primary, revision, tumor and special endoprosthetics.

First class quality products, the spirit of innovation, large capacities and a high depth of manufacturing together with a constant willingness for further development are the characteristics which distinguish our products.

As a result of the close co-operation between national and international university hospitals with implantcast, new implant systems are constantly being developed.

More than 90 products have been developed and established in the market since 2009. implantcast is market leader in the fields of revision, tumor and special endoprosthetics.

Our current product range comprises the following product groups:

  • hip endoprostheses
  • knee endoprostheses
  • shoulder endoprostheses
  • elbow endoprostheses
  • endoprostheses for small joints
  • tumor endoprostheses (MUTARS®)
  • revision endoprostheses
  • special products
  • navigation / instruments
  • additional products

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Growing Endoprostheses

Non-invasive Extremity Elongation

  • developed for the special treatment of tumours in children and young adults
  • designed to preserve the extremity and to equalise arm and leg length discrepancies
  • integrated motor with a possible elongation of up to 100mm
  • no additional risk of infection during the non-invasive elongation process which can be done at home by the parents or the patient himself
  • elongation in tiny steps (0.035mm per pulse) to protect soft tissue and nerves
  • straightforward surgical technique
  • available on demand as a custom-made implant

The company


Implantcast GmbH, the company formed in 1988, is one of the specialists in its sector with regard to development, construction and production of joint replacements.

Its core competence lies in the manufacture of endoprostheses as functional joint replacements, specialist implants and customized products.

Constant investments in the location, highest quality „made in Germany“, qualified employees and its specialized services are the fundamental pillars of company success.

Due to co-operation with leading european hospitals amongst others the successful MUTARS® system has been constantly improved. It is the most frequently used tumor system in Europe.

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implantcast GmbH
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